Laser Gum Therapy Oak Park, IL

Have You Been Told You Need Gum Surgery?

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You may be able to find an alternative at a laser dentist in Oak Park, IL!

Many patients who have heard that they need gum surgery are seeking another way to resolve their gum issues. At Dental Care of Oak Park, we have found great success using lasers as a gum surgery alternative. Contact our team members, and let us show you how the lasers we use can get you the results you deserve without cutting or sutures.

Laser Gum Therapy Oak Park, IL

“there’s a theory out there that if we manage and treat the inflammation that goes along with gum disease and eliminate it than we can actually help in the management of these other diseases.”

A Visit to a Laser Dentist in Oak Park, IL Can Help You Avoid Traditional Gum Surgery

Laser Gum Therapy Oak Park, IL
LANAP patient education

Are you feeling uncomfortable about potentially undergoing gum surgery? With high-tech lasers, including the LANAP® laser that we use in our office, you can achieve the same outcomes without invasive surgery. Schedule a consultation today and see if you are a candidate for this amazing type of procedure.

The Proof is in Our Patient

Laser Gum Therapy Oak Park, IL
Greg Talks About His Experience with Perio Laser

Lasers Have Transformed the Way We Handle Gum Surgery Cases!

Once upon a time, we had no choice when dealing with gum disease than to use traditional tools and equipment. This usually involved cutting and sutures, as well as discomfort when the patient recovered from treatment. Now, this has changed because of lasers.

When we first learned of the laser technology called LANAP®, we were thrilled. After we used it, we were sold! Not only does the LANAP® laser work efficiently and rapidly, but it is built for precision. Now, we can remove diseased gum tissues and reduce a patient’s discomfort. Plus, it leaves the gums sanitized and healthier than ever.

If you want an alternative to gum surgery, visit us. We are happy to be your laser dentist in Oak Park, IL.

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