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Win the Battle against Progressive Periodontal Disease

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Scaling and root planing is the best approach to keep your periodontal disease in check!

When periodontal disease is a part of your life, you need to get serious about the type of dental treatment you get. One of the most effective methods of gum disease treatment in Oak Park, IL is scaling and root planing. When done on a consistent basis by your dental provider, your gum disease will be kept in check for the rest of your life. No more worries, just wonderful dental wellness!

Periodontal Disease Needs More Than Regular Check-Ups

Think twice yearly dental exams are enough to keep your periodontal disease from spreading or worsening? Think again. Periodontal disease requires special maintenance beyond normal check-ups. Most dentists recommend that you get scaling and root planing, a common procedure that deep cleans and sanitizes the periodontal pockets that are breeding grounds for bacteria, plaque and calculus deposits.

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Scaling and Root Planing Oak Park, IL

About the Scaling and Root Planing Procedure

During scaling and root planing, periodontal pockets that have formed between your gums and teeth are deep cleaned. Special instruments are used to thoroughly remove all the deposits from the teeth and their roots. At the same time, any diseased soft tissues will be removed so the healthy gums can begin to heal properly.

After scaling and root planing, you may be given some treatments to do at home, such as putting antibacterial gel in the area that has been cleaned. This helps keep new bacteria from growing. The overall goal of scaling and root planing gum disease treatment in Oak Park, IL is to completely sanitize the periodontal pockets, enabling the gums to adhere more naturally to the curves of the teeth. In time, the periodontal pocket depth will be reduced.

Concerned About The Cost of Scaling & Root Planing?

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