About Gum Disease Oak Park, IL

Living with Untreated Gum Disease Is Risky Business

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If you have gum disease in Oak Park, IL, there is hope for a brighter dental future!

Gum disease is a serious dental condition that has been associated with such health conditions as diabetes, heart disease, pancreatic cancer, stroke, and even premature birth. Untreated, it leads to tooth and bone loss. Our team will help you get control of your gum disease in Oak Park, IL.

About Gum Disease Oak Park, IL

“I’ve treated patients 10 years ago that are still doing well. Their mouths are real healthy. The inflammation is gone. The infection is gone. And that was pretty unusual using the treatments of the past.”

Could Your Bad Breath Be Something More Serious?

Do you have bad breath that does not seem to go away after you brush your teeth? Often, bad breath is one of the warning signs of gum disease. As periodontal pockets begin to harbor bacteria, a smell emanates from the hidden areas. That smell is a symptom of a larger problem.

About Gum Disease Oak Park, IL
Dawn Bloore, DDS discusses gum disease

Concerned About The Cost of Dental Care?

The smile you want doesn’t mean anything if you can’t afford it. Luckily we provide competitive rates, many financing options including CareCredit, have free consultations, and we also accept insurance. If you have any questions or concerns please read about how affordable we are, or give us a call at (708)-386-0960.

Gum Disease Happens in Several Stages

Gum disease does not happen overnight. The typical stages of gum disease include gingivitis, early periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.

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