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Is Snoring Ruining Your Sleep? You May Have Sleep Apnea!

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There are times when most people experience mild degrees of snoring, especially when they are under-the-weather with a stuffy nose or sore throat. But constant snoring is often a symptom of a much bigger problem. At Dental Care of Oak Park, we help patients who have obstructive sleep apnea in Oak Park, IL. Get the sleep you deserve!

Stop Snoring for Your Health

Sleep Apnea Oak Park, IL
How sleep apnea works

Snoring is not just a noise problem. It can also be a health problem. People who snore loudly at night, and seem to choke or stop breathing at intervals, are regularly being diagnosed with a condition called sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is not simply an annoyance. During rest, the snorer intermittently has his or her air passages blocked, usually by the soft palate or back of the tongue falling into the airway. This causes the patient to lose air and often jolt awake. Not only can this be frightening, but it can lead to other concerns, such as regular headaches, neck problems, chronic sore throats and even increased blood pressure.

Concerned About The Cost of Sleep Apnea Treatment?

The smile you want doesn’t mean anything if you can’t afford it. Luckily we provide competitive rates, many financing options including CareCredit, have free consultations, and we also accept insurance. If you have any questions or concerns please read about how affordable we are, or give us a call at (708)-386-0960.

Your Dentist Can Help You Deal with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Although we do not diagnosis sleep apnea, we can help you treat your condition after you have received a diagnosis. At our office, we can suggest several treatments, including special mouth guards that are worn when you sleep. These mouth guards keep the throat and mouth open slightly. Air passes uninterrupted, and you – and your sleeping partner – get a restful sleep!

We may be able to come up with other ways to help you stop snoring, too, including lifestyle changes and bedtime sleeping behavior modifications. Take charge of your obstructive sleep apnea in Oak Park, IL. Call us at (708)-386-0960. Our trained dental professionals can work with you if you have sleep apnea. Not only will you stop snoring, but you’ll avoid the complications of this health condition.

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