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Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants!

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Why live with a missing tooth when you have an alternative? A tooth implant looks and feels natural!

Are you tired of having a missing tooth? Have you wondered about the alternatives to getting a removable device or bridge? With the amazing advances in implant dentistry in Oak Park, IL, we can now offer you a natural-looking and functioning tooth replacement.

Dental Implants Oak Park, IL

“Dental implants are really the next best thing to having a natural tooth. They are very predictable and they last a long time. They preserve your bone in your jaw. They prevent teeth from moving into the space. They let you really enjoy life without having to worry-“

What Happens When You Ignore a Missing Tooth?

When you ignore a missing tooth, you allow a number of processes to take place. The first is that the bone that once held the tooth in place will start to be resorbed into the body. Without the tooth in place, the teeth around the missing tooth may begin to shift.

The good news is that a tooth implant will enable your gums and bones to remain stable and stimulated. With a few office visits, you can have a dental implant that will last 20 years or more. It is a perfect alternative to losing bone density, and potentially other teeth

Dental Implants Oak Park, IL
Dr. Perna talks about why implants are a good solution for tooth loss

Your Dental Implant Options

Dental implants blend seamlessly into the smile to replace missing teeth with screw-like implants that adhere with the jaw bone. As you bite and chew with the attached dental crown, the implant provides the same bone stimulation as a natural tooth root, which keeps your bone levels healthy and protects the integrity of your smile.

Single dental implant: If you are missing even one tooth, your oral health is at risk. Without a tooth to stimulate the jaw bone, bone atrophy begins to occur which can lead to shifting of other teeth or increased risk of infection. We can replace your missing tooth with a natural-looking implant and crown the same day a tooth is removed.

Multiple dental implants: Missing more than one tooth is common and should be addressed immediately. Unlike a tooth supported bridge which relies on surrounding teeth to support the restoration, implants provide a healthy, more natural alternative to bridges, which will never shift, decay or require root canal treatment.

Full arch dental implants: If you have dentures and are looking for a more stable, healthier alternative, we can complete your smile in one visit. This option uses a number of dental implants (as few as four) surgically placed in the jaw bone to support a custom, natural-looking prosthesis. There are no pastes or need to worry about slipping dentures; this option is designed to stay in place.


69% of adults between 35 and 44 years of age have lost at least one permanent tooth.


Approximately 178 million people in the United States have at least one missing tooth.


90% of patients who have lost all their teeth get dentures.

The process to get a dental implant usually involves three in-office visits.

Phase 1

The first treatment preps the site and embeds a titanium post into the bone. Once the post is secure in the bone, the second phase can occur.

Phase 2

The second phase involves adding an abutment to the post. This abutment will eventually hold a permanent dental crown created out of natural-looking materials. In the meantime, a temporary dental crown will be placed.

Phase 3

The third and last phase involves placing the permanent dental crown. After this appointment, you will have a tooth that can be treated like any other! Eat what you like, and brush and floss as you normally do (twice a day).

Have a Row of Missing Teeth? Try Implant Supported Dentures!

Dental Implants Oak Park, IL
Implant supported denture procedure

If you have a full arch of missing teeth, implant supported dentures can be a permanent solution. Several titanium posts are embedded into the bone and are allowed to heal. After they have fully healed, a permanent denture is affixed to the posts. This creates a natural arch that should be treated just like regular teeth.

Have a missing tooth? Have many missing teeth? We can help with implant dentistry in Oak Park, IL! We look forward to receiving your call: (708)-386-0960.

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Concerned About The Cost of Dental Implants?

The smile you want doesn’t mean anything if you can’t afford it. Luckily we provide competitive rates, many financing options including CareCredit, have free consultations, and we also accept insurance. If you have any questions or concerns please read about how affordable we are, or give us a call at (708)-386-0960.

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